最后发布: 2017-12-08 12:17:31


There is a way in Angular to load routed feature modules lazily. Angular中有一种方法可以延迟加载路由的要素模块。
This means if I want to load some module lazily I have to define it in router. 这意味着如果我想延迟加载某些模块,则必须在路由器中定义它。

Is there any way to load modules that are not routed lazily? 有什么方法可以加载没有延迟路由的模块?
Meaning without defining them in the routes, without reflecting their path in URL, I just want to load them upon specific event in the application. 意思是没有在路由中定义它们,也没有在URL中反映它们的路径,我只想在应用程序中的特定事件上加载它们。

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